Yoga is a group of physicalmental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India

  1. Yoga, as a disciplined method for attaining a goal
  2. Yoga, as techniques of controlling the body and the mind

Benefits of Yoga:

  • Reduces the mental frequency
  • Enhances awareness
  • Improves intellectual sharpness and understanding
  • Improves the soft skills
  • Increases the will power and concentration
  • Increases management talents

Meditation – Satsang

Meditation can be defined as a practice where an individual uses a technique, such as focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity, to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.

Benefits of  Meditation:

  • Reduces Stress. Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation
  • Controls Anxiety
  • Promotes Emotional Health
  • Enhances Self-Awareness
  • Lengthens Attention Span
  • May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss
  • Can Generate Kindness
  • May Help Fight Addictions
  • Improves Sleep 
  • Helps Control Pain 
  • Can Decrease Blood Pressure 
  • You Can Meditate Anywhere 

Breathing Exercise – Nadi Sudhi

Benefits of Breathing Exercise :
  •  controls and balance the breath, gives energy, refreshment, clear mind and it enrich the soul. With the help of some breathing exercises, our breath improves the assimilation and elimination process.  
  • Simplified breathing exercise for Holistic Health  totally transforms a person, giving him a new perspective on life and equips him with necessary tools to handle the mounting pressure that the modern day society bestows upon him.