Swedish Massage Therapy

A special massage techniques is used to treat specific condition using special oil.

Benefits of Swedish Massage :
-Relaxing the body muscles and nerves 
-Swedish massage help to improve your circulation 
Soothe your muscles 
-Make you feel more relaxed 

Sports Massage

Sports Massage with Herbal Steam Bath

Sports Massage is the management therapy for the sports injuries especially for the muscle, tendon and ligaments.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage with Herbal Steam Bath

Full bodymassage in to the deep muscles and tissue for treating muscle tension, body aches, sprain, spasmand to rejuvenate the entire body.

Healing Touch Special Body Care Massage

Full body massage includes Herbal body Cleansing, Scrubbing ,Steaming  Body Pack and Polishing massage.


Benefits of Healing Touch Special Body Care Massage :

 – Increase the skin tone and texture 
 – Improve  elasticity of the muscles 
 – Give smoothness to the  muscles