Full Body Massage with Warm Medicated Herbal Powder Bundle Massage (Podi Kizhi)

Specially selected herbs and spices are compressed into small linen bags, formed into round bundles and then dipped in hot medicated oil. The bundles are then applied to the body or affected area using a variety of styles kneading, patting and sliding. This fomentation therapy is employed to relieve many problems including arthritis, inflammation, spondylitis, muscle pains,injuries sustained during sports or accidents and sciatica. It eases pain, reduce swelling, nourishes the body and improves blood circulation.

Benefits of Kizhi: Herbal hot bag massage:

– Relieves pain, numbness and swelling
– Improves the strength of the muscles
– Improves peripheral blood supply
– Stimulates the nerve endings
– Highly effective for sports injuries
– Improves skin complexion
– Rejuvenates the body
– Good pain reliever in conditions like slipped disc, sciatica.

Shirodhara-Medicated Warm Oil Flow Over the Forehead

45 Minutes Body Massage and 30 Minutes Sirodhara

A signature Ayurvedic treatment that dates back to the ages. ‘Siro’ means head and ‘dhara’ means unbroken flow of liquid.

First, your head, neck and shoulders are massaged to relax and calm the mind. Following this, you will be made to lie comfortably on your back with your eyes and body covered. Lukewarm herbal oil is then hung from a specially designed vessel 8-9 inches above the forehead and made to drip in a continuous, soft stream for around 30 minutes. While the oil flows, the therapist gently massage the client’s head.

This deeply soothing therapy relieves stress and strain related problems, promotes sound sleep, relieves headaches and migraine, slows the aging process, strengthens the senses, improves memory and ultimately strengthens the overall physical constitution of the individual. Usually performed over a continuous number of days for maximum effect. A shower usually follows the treatment.

Benefits of Sirodhara: Oil flow on forehead:

– Ultimate mental and emotional relaxation therapy
– Highly effective for reducing stress and nervous tension
– Relaxes both the mind and body
– Removes built up toxins within the body
– Enhances positivity and improves self esteem
– Enhances the flow of nutrients to the body and brain
– Stabilizes the nervous system
– Treats nervous diseases like facial palsy, stroke etc
– Relieves sleeplessness and insomnia
– Improves concentration and memory
– Treats conditions like headaches and hair loss
– Improves effective brain function
– Helps in reducing frequent mood swings
– Increases blood circulation and oxygen transport within the body
– Nourishes scalp and hair

Oil Pool Therapy Over the Back / Spine (Kadi Vasthi)

Spine being soaked in a ‘pool’ using a combination of warm medicated herbal oils to suit the condition of your problem, a pool of herbal dough is ‘built’ on affected spine is filled with oil and then left to rest-relieving localised pain, chronic and acute back aches,muscle stress, tension, swelling and disc prolapse.

Benefits of Kadi Vasthi: Herbal Oil Pool:

– Useful for a range of conditions when placed on specific part of the body
– Kati Vasthi is for back complaints
– Greeva Vasthi is for neck problems
– Janu Vasthi is for knee issues
– Uro Vasthi is for chest
– Chakra Vasthi is for stomach and digestion
– Can be combined with oil massage (Abhyanga) for ideal results