Healing Touch Ayurvedic Clinic is the provider of Best-in-class Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Treatments in Birmingham, United Kingdom

What is Ayurvedic science :

Ayurvedic science is an ancient herbal health system that originated five thousand years ago in india.
The word “Ayurveda” composed of AYU means healthy life VEDA means science or knowledge.
Ayurveda emphasized prevention of illness and promotion of healthy long life .Ayurveda is a comprehensive system of Indian herbal medicine based on a holistic approach rooted in Indian vedic science.

We Provide Herbal Treatments For:

•Aches and Pains •Head Aches  •Constipation
•Neck and Shoulder  •Migraine/Vertigo  •Indigestion
•Whiplash •Stress and Strain  •Piles
•Back Pain Upper/Lower •Depression •Gastritis
•Knee Pain •Insomnia/Sleeplessness •Digestive Problem
•Arthritis •Hair Fall/Loss •Hay Fever
•Joint Pain •Dandruff •Skin disorders/Problems
•Legs and feet pain •Blood Pressure •Eczema
•Frozen shoulder •Diabetes •Psoriasis
•Spine Problems •Women’s Health •Allergies
•Disc Problem •Men’s Health •Rashes
•Paralysis/Strokes •Sexual Problems •Asthma
•Sciatica/Trap nerve •Sinusitis •IBS
•Facial Paralysis •Nasal Block •Wind/Bloatedness
•Sports injuries •Obesity/Over Weight •Heart burn
•Cough And more other health problems


We are proud to be one of the Ayurvedic clinic using completely natural and classical methods. We invite you to experience and transform your body, mind and spirit with Ayurveda, Herbs, Detox Therapy, Meditation, Nadi Sudhi and Yoga. We can offer you the best wellness experience, according to your time, your health, your individual needs and your budget.

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